Jerem's Catfish

from by Casablanca



Well I woke up this morning
Ran to the window
Stared at the water
Something was going on

I knew today was the day
Couldn’t explain why but somehow I felt it

Then I went to my son’s
I said « Get out of bed
I hope that you’re ready
To fish some mermaids »

And we jumped on our boat
In the middle of the lake we started to wait

After waiting all day long
We caught a fish so strong
He nearly sank our boat

Now let the fight begin
It’s gonna be so hard
I said « son you must save your strenght
‘till the fish is yours »

Now we can see is back
This catfish is so huge I can’t believe my eyes

I’m really turning mad
Even in my fanciest dreams
I never ever hoped
To witness such a thing

Now the beast has almost given up
But I still think that we’re living in a dream

We’re so excited
Jumping everywhere
But we still need to lift that fish

Oh I’m so proud of my son
He caught it on his own
Now we can go back home


from Watermelon Slice, released September 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Casablanca Bordeaux, France

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